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Mind and Body
Breath to Movement

Connecting Breath to Movement

Mindful Movement


Mindful Movement is how I would describe yoga.  While focusing on the breath to movement connection, it creates a moving meditation.  That combination of movement and breath is life changing.  It helps us our mental well-being by calming our nervous system, increasing body awareness, relieving stress, relaxing the mind, sharpening focus and concentration, and helps bring you into the present moment.  After I personally witnessed the benefits of yoga, I decided to become a yoga instructor and received my 200 hour certification.  I am passionate about sharing my yoga knowledge and helping others grow in the practice.  Yes yoga is for everyone and for all ages!  It’s not about the poses, but rather finding our presence in the pose and accepting ourselves as we are in the moment.  Something happens when we begin to tune in physically and focus on our breath.  MInd and body begin to connect which helps us to become present in the here and now.  To me that is where the magic happens.  We get out of our minds and overthinking and simply become aware of the present moment.  Just like we train our bodies, the same can be done with our minds simply by tuning in to physical sensations and focusing on breath.  My goal is to help share my knowledge of yoga with you resulting in a mind-body connection and feeling more present, aware, and calm.  With my guidance the practice of yoga will help you build strength, balance, coordination, and increase flexibility.  I would be honored to share my yoga practice with you.  

“We must learn to accept and embrace ourselves first, then and only then can we do the same for others.”




Private Sessions

The Private Session allows you to dive deeper into yoga practice. The focus is on alignment and breath, and a special emphasis on proper technique and modifications that works uniquely for you.

(Available upon request)


Beginner’s Flow

This class is designed for those who have never done yoga before or who want to focus on the basic asanas (poses)  The class outlines the basis of breath, proper alignment, and introduces the various yoga asanas.  

(Available upon request)


Group Yoga Training Session

Group yoga training consists of small groups from three to 15-20 people who receive specialized and focused training. The training will be specific to the group’s needs and what has been requested to focus on.  This is a great option for athletes and teams!  

(Available upon request)

Group Yoga

Yoga Flow for Athletes

This is a beginner/intermediate yoga flow focusing on breath to movement and body alignment.  First 40 minutes is a yoga flow and the last 20 minutes finishes with yin/yoga poses that help stretch deep connective tissue (fascia).  This class will help improve your range of motion, mobility, and coordination.

(Available upon request)

Yin Yoga

This practice will target the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues (ligaments, joints, bones) and the deep fascia networks of the body.  It will help improve flexibility, increase relaxation and alleviate stress and  tension.

(Aavailable upon request)  

Mindfulness movement


“I thoroughly enjoy Michelle’s yoga classes!  She guides you through and intense yoga flow that works for beginner or a more advanced yogi.  MIchelle focuses on proper alignment and offers modifications to help you reach your fullest potential.  It not only is a great workout, but a fantastic mindfulness practice.”


“Michelle’s Vinyasa yoga class is amazing.  Her hour long class strengthens and stretches every muscle.  She tailors the movements to the ability of each student and provides corrections to help maximize their fullest potential.”


“Michelle is a thoughtful and wonderful instructor.  She gives many options and modifications for each individual student.”



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